Charlie’s Xbox is missing!

Crime Scene Report

Dad and Charlie made the shocking discovery coming home from footy practice.

Walking through the front door, something is not right. They look down to see a trail of strange, white powder coming from the kitchen. They follow the mysterious trail through the hallway all the way to Charlie’s bedroom. As Charlie flings open his bedroom door, he lets out a gasp. His room has become a crime scene. There’s mess everywhere and his Xbox has vanished!

We need an investigator to help catch this crook. Are you up for the job?
Hover and click on evidence, read the suspect profiles and follow the steps to find out Whodunit!
Tap on the evidence and follow the steps to find out Whodunit!

3 Easy Steps

Find Evidence

Read Profiles

Match Clues

Charlie's Bedroom

Scroll left and right to explore Charlie's room

Suspect Profiles Mum Sister Brother Friend

Crime Scene Investigator’s Notepad

Record the name of the suspect against each clue as you go. Use this to decide Whodunit!

The Crook?

Now that you’ve found all the clues, who do you think stole Charlie’s Xbox?