CSI At Home!

Use cool forensic techniques to investigate crimes with this series of at home activities.
Watch the videos to see how-to-do the activity and then download the activity sheet listing what you’ll need, along with step-by-step instructions.
Grab an adult as all activities require adult supervision and take around 30 minutes to do.

Start by making your very own CSI Toolkit and then continue on with the rest of the activities!

CSI Toolkit

Have you ever wondered how to gather evidence at a crime scene? Here's how to make your own crime scene investigation toolkit!

Lifting Fingerprints

Have you ever wondered who pinched all your lollies? Here’s how to lift a fingerprint from a lolly jar!

Fingerprint Fuming

Have you ever wondered how to find an invisible fingerprint? Here’s how to reveal a fingerprint using super glue fuming!

Fingerprint Patterns

Have you ever wondered if fingerprint patterns are all the same? Is your fingerprint pattern, an arch, a loop or a whorl?

Test Mystery Powders

Have you ever wondered how to identify a mystery powder? Test mystery powders using a red cabbage solution.

Ink Chromatography

Have you ever wondered how to match a pen to a note? Find out using chromatography.

Spatter Patterns

Ever wondered what made all the mess? Find out by analysing spatter patterns using fake blood.

Shoe Print Casts

Have you ever wondered how scientists collect 3D evidence? Find out by making a cast of your shoe print.

Human DNA Extraction

Have you ever wondered how to extract DNA? Extract DNA from your cheek cells.